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Why Refer Clients to Abrams Realty?

  1. Keep Good Clients on Your Books
    Sending us a customer doesn't mean you need to terminate your working relationship with them. We'll take care of your customer's property management needs and send them back to you for sales transactions.
  2. Protect Your Assets
    Did you know, providing bad advice on housing matters could cost you dearly? If rentals aren't your area of expertise, don't dip your toe in the water and expose yourself to unnecessary financial liability.
  3. Everything Goes in Our Referral Agreement
    We want you to feel comfortable partnering with our team. If you'd like a written agreement that outlines the expectations and responsibilities of both referral parties, simply let us know.
  4. We Keep Your Clients Happy
    Our goal is to provide the best property management in NOVA and keep your tenants completely satisfied. This will reflect positively on you and ensure your reputation stays intact.
  5. Earn Referral Fees
    Every time a referred client signs a contract for property management, we'll pay you a referral fee. Fill out the form now to get started.